Martin C. Evans

Keep your weapon handy

In Deployments on December 3, 2009 at 12:26 pm

The Obama Surge in Afghanistan means the war in Iraq is pretty much done, right?

Ummmmm, not so much!

More of our guys from the NY-Long Island area are heading that way. The 442nd Military Police Company based in Jamaica, Queens, which includes lots of Long Islanders, will be sending about 200 soldiers to Iraq in the first part of next year, according to Eric Durr, a spokesman for the N.Y. Army National Guard.

One of the first things President Barack Obama did after being sworn last January was set an Aug. 31, 2010 deadline for withdrawing all combat troops from Iraq.

But he plans to leave 50,000 uniformed “advisors” to help the Iraqis train their police, build a credible army, and to avoid having all hell break loose while they try.

My advice to the “advisors” who will be stationed in post-combat Iraq?

Keep your weapon handy.


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