Martin C. Evans

You are now Inside the Wire

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2009 at 6:50 am

Last night, we got word from President Obama that we will be fighting two wars for the foreseeable future. That means I have my work cut out for me.

I write about soldiers and veterans, particularly from the point of view of military folks and families living on Long Island and New York City.

Soldiers and their families here don’t have the luxury of living near big military bases, where people tend to be more understanding of the mess they go through.

That’s where I come in. Welcome to Inside the Wire. It’s safe here. People talk straight and have your back.

I hope to help provide a sense of community akin to a virtual military base, so that a National Guard soldier in Riverhead knows there is a guy in Jamaica, Queens who has been where he is now. Or that a female helicopter pilot who flies out of Ronkonkoma (yes you, Michelle) knows about other women who are just as cool and professional as she is.

Check me out daily to learn what’s happening that affects you, your military brothers and sisters, and you family. About what its like for guys who have been dodging IEDs in Kandahar to now have to drive the speed limit on the LIE. About what it’s like coming home to a wife and kids who did just fine while you were away and don’t want you messing things up now.

On Monday, I will tell you about a new study that says the longer you are deployed, the more emotional and behavioral problems your children suffer, with girls and older kids hurting the most. On Saturday I’ll post about a new National Guard pre-deployment orientation that organizers say will leave soldiers better prepared for their all-expenses-paid vacations in Iraq or Afghanistan (don’t worry if you don’t get your country of choice on the first trip: Uncle Sam will make sure you get a second, third and fourth chance). And after I spend the day talking to guys and gals at Saturday’s orientation and post their pictures, I’ll tell you whether they think it’s worth a damn.

So keep coming back. And leave comments to let me know what you are seeing and hearing from just beyond Inside the Wire.


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