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Nassau vets agency gets new chief

In Uncategorized, Veterans services on January 5, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Mathew J. Rufrano, founding secretary of the county Vietnam Veterans of America, has replaced Ed Aulman as Nassau County’s Veterans Service Agency director.

County Executive Edward Mangano announced his choice for vets chief Tuesday, saying Rufrano’s 25-year involvement in veterans issues made him a good fit.

Photograph of Vietnam Memorial replica taken by Mathew Rufrano, who served as a volunteer escort of the "traveling wall." He was named Nassau's Veterans Service Agency director.

“The county’s Veterans Service Agency is a key source for all of our veterans and will be a vital part of my administration,” Mangano said. Mathew Rufrano brings many years of experience in veterans services and I welcome him to our team.”

Of course, it probably didn’t hurt Rufrano’s chances much that the two men have been friends for 20 years. Or that the 66-year-old Bethpage resident campaigned for Mangano in November’s razor-close election.

The decision to replace Aulman had been met with disappointment by many area vets. An organization representing several local vets groups said Aulman had been a strong advocate in an agency that assists veterans and their families apply for veterans benefits, obtain medical and rehabilitative services, job training and placement and other services.

But Rufrano has been a high visibility activist in the veterans community. A former staff sergeant who left the Air Force in 1970, Rufrano has sponsored Vietnam Veterans of America visits to troops recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and was a founding member of the Town of Oyster Bay’s Veterans Advisory Council, according to Mangano’s office.

“We are creating new veterans every day and we have an obligation to help them in any way we can,” Rufrano said in a press release. “And, of course, we must address the needs of our veterans from past wars.”

  1. To me, Matt Rufrano is an great choice to replace Ed
    Aulman. He does have experience in veterans services and affairs. How much
    experience did Ed have when he was appointed? Matt, like his
    predecessors, will adapt to the position. Its a shame that there are individuals out
    there, who for what ever their motive, are refusing to give an outstanding
    veteran like Matt a chance. Many of us, who don’t care about politics, just
    veterans, are ready to assist Matt anyway we can.

    Bill Walden

  2. Myself I do not know Mr. Rufrano, and as such am in no position to sit in judgement.Being an in country Vietnam, vet and retired Army, I know only too well just how often we Veterans wind up on the short end of the stick.Everyone thanks us for our service,but that is something new to us.When it comes to those benefits that we earned we are still getting the shaft. If Matt Rufrano is able to do something to correct this disgusting injustice then I say we owe it to him to let him try.Give him a chance.I’m with Commander Bill To hell with Politics Veterans first.
    Paul McDermott SFC US Army Retired

  3. Veterans and the Politicians
    there is one thing that must be understood about this relationship,and that is very simply it doesn’t mean anything to us.Matt Rufrano will try his darndest but will be able to do only what his boss and the political animals will let him do.Simply put the American veteran is nothing more than a stepping stone, or just another vote for these pigs.We run the gambit from the Left leaning Liberals of the Democratic Party to the Right wing Lunatic fringe of Grand Old Party,and all of them scream about the injustice to we Veterans.Yet when the rubber hits the road it is always the same old story. We get what’s left over after the animals and special interests get theirs. These Bums won’t even give our Brave Armed Forces a decent raise I do not consider 3% decent.Not at todays Cost of Living idex. This president wants to give the Nation affordable health care I’m for that, but not at the expense of the Benefits that we retired Miltary earned the hard way. No I am perfectly willing to give this man Mathew Rufrano the benefit of the doubt. Let’s see what he can do. But if things don’t improve;Before we blame him, we must look at throwing a few pigs out of office

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