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Early morphine curbs PTSD in trauma victims, study shows

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Morphine may be the magic bullet that kills post traumatic stress disorder before it develops, a study of troops gravely-injured in Iraq revealed.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, looked at the records of 696 severely injured Marines. It found that those who were given morphine during the early moments of their resuscitation were significantly less likely to later display the anxiety and depression associated with PTSD than those who were not administered the powerful painkilling opiate.

Researchers believe morphine’s effectiveness in curbing PTSD stems from blocking a patient’s memory formation following injury-causing traumatic events, and the fear response associated with them.

Their conclusions were based on the experiences of troops injured in combat and treated at forward medical facilities in Iraq between January, 2004 and December, 2006.

The researchers said their findings were similar to those obtained during a study of child burn victims published in 2001. That study also showed lower rates of PTSD symptoms among patients who got morphine early.

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