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NY Guard Compiling Soldiers’ Stories

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm

In the memories of the 6,000 New York Guard troops who have served in battle since 9/11 reside tales of courage and cowardice, determination and despair, loneliness and loss.

Now, Guard officials want those soldiers to contribute their personal accounts and photographs to a digital archive of the New York Army National Guard’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan since NY Guard troops were first sent there in the winter of 2003.


Members of the NY Guard's "Fighting 69th," during a St. Patrick's Day Parade in Manhattan.




Dubbed “Remember My Service,” the project is financed by the National Guard Bureau and is designed to help gather detailed historic information for inclusion in Army National Guard official records.

The Guard will send e-mails to current and former Guard soldiers who served active duty beginning in the winter of 2003, including more than 300 Long Islanders. The e-mails will urge soldiers to submit photos and personal stories on line and in person during project meetings at selected armories around New York.

While all deployed units will be included in the project, it is being built around specific units, including  the 1st Battalion 69th Infantry (“Fighting 69th and Task Force Wolfhound”), which deployed in Iraq in 2005, and Guard aviation units, including the 3rd Battalion, 142nd Assault Helicopter Battalion, based at MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma.

Veterans wishing to participate can register at A link to this site can be found at the Division of Military and Naval Affairs website at

The project will be run in part by Story Rock, a Utah-based company specializing in collecting and organizing archival information. Story Rock has already completed similar projects for  Guard units in other states and  some active duty Army units.

The stories will be compiled on commemorative compact discs, which are scheduled for release during ceremonies at armories around New York in May 2011. They will also be included in the Guard’s archives at the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center in Saratoga Springs, and in the  National Guard Bureau’s national archives.



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