Martin C. Evans

Full Mid-Month Pay April 15

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2011 at 6:28 pm

If you peeked at your on-line military pay stub last Friday and were shocked to see only half of your expected pay, don’t be alarmed, says the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Active duty military and reservists will get their full mid-month pay and benefits by April 15 for duties performed between April 1-15, according to the DFAS website.

The threatened shutdown of the federal government would have delayed pay to troops for as long as the shutdown continued. But that was averted last Friday, when Congress agreed to an 11th-hour budget extension, which allowed the federal government to continue to pay its employees.

A military spokesman said the most current Advice of Pays statement for Army, Navy and Air Force personnel will only show pay through April 8. But a full accounting of April pay will be available April 22 on the Leave and Earnings statements posted to myPay accounts.

Civilian pay will not be impacted in any way, according to the DFAS.


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